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Ambassador Hub

Welcome to the Ambassador's Hub. Here you will find the educational information provided for use within your plan units and working groups. If you need more information or resources, check the other links on the website.

Thank you for engaging with neighbors about reducing wildfire risk, identifying/removing risk reduction barriers, and sharing the importance of wildfire safety in our community. I am here to support your efforts.

Dorie Dalton
Wildland Specialist
Genesee Fire Rescue
(303)526-1230 (ext. 4)

Neighborhood Ambassador Program

Neighborhood Ambassador Program is a community-approach that leverages volunteers to serve as catalysts within their neighborhoods, encouraging their neighbors to become more aware, active, and prepared for wildfires. Ambassadors are an internal presence that leads to building community trust and capacity. This allows GFPD to capitalize on preexisting social connections to create physical change within the community.

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