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WiRē's Practitioner of the Year - Dorie Dalton

A smiling person with sunglasses holding a sign that says "Genesee Fire Rescue."

This year, WiRē Center recognizes Dorie Dalton as the Practitioner of the Year. We are deeply appreciative of, and inspired by, Dorie's dedication to helping communities live with wildfire both within her jurisdiction and beyond.

Dorie serves as the Wildland Specialist for Genesee Fire Rescue where she was previously a volunteer firefighter for three years. A former kindergarten teacher, Dorie's passion for education now extends to all ages as she helps homeowners in Genesee understand wildfire risk to their properties and how they can prepare themselves and their homes for wildfire.

Dorie has also helped other WiRē partners learn how to collect rapid assessment data. The WiRē partners Dorie helped include Leadville Fire Department, Colorado State Forest Service, Arkansas River Watershed Collaborative, Estes Valley Fire Protection District, and Estes Valley Watershed Coalition. SHe has also been an active participant in the WiRē Community of Practice.

We are thankful to Genesee Fire Rescue for supporting Dorie's efforts assisting other partners.

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